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Friday, June 26, 2020

A company awarded 1,000 masks for me to help veterans!

I want to thank Asfaleia . The company donated 1,000 disposable masks to help veterans! MCVET, Patriot House, and The Amred Forces Retirement Home received mask deliveries

Way to go, Asfaleia.


$2,500 was awarded to my project to help homeless veterans

Hello, Superhero Friends:

I  want to thank NFM Lending ( for providing $2,500 to the Give Back to Veterans project. More information will be coming later. However, I was able to buy requested items, in response to the pandemic, for MCVET ( and Baltimore Station's homeless veterans ( Yesterday, items were provided for MCVET's veterans. I appreciate everyone who supports giving back. It can't be done alone. MCVET's motto is, "It takes an entire community to help a veteran heal!" Please continue to help veterans in need. Spread the word.

Thank you,