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Monday, December 24, 2018

GoFundMe selects me as a Kid Hero, Christmas giving tour for veterans continues

Hello Superhero Friends,

Can you believe that Christmas is almost here? I have been busy raising money for my Christmas tour. I visited three shelters where homeless veterans are getting back on their feet. Requested items were provides, when I visited. I will post more details when the tour is over.

It hasn't ended yet! I am also checking on a few veterans who live on the street. My mom has to keep checking, until we see them again. I also selected a few elderly veterans who could use gifts, and I am dropping off surprises to caregivers.

GoFundMe selected me as a Kid Hero. More exposure really helped me to provide more gifts. I am not finished buying items for 90 veterans. I will return with the rest of the Hero Bags, after Christmas. If you want to read the article, please visit .

 I will have more updates soon. It's almost time to get back to Christmas Eve shopping for veterans. Merry Christmas!

As a part of a local Christmas tour, Tyler Stallings visits Baltimore Station to drop off Christmas Hero Bags and Hero Boxes to homeless veterans.

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