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Friday, August 7, 2020

Veteran gets walker/wheelchair and medication as my birthday wish!

 Hello! The goal to help Mr. Jacob Gil was met. Before he received his wheelchair/ walker, his cane he tried to repair was what he used for mobility. This deserving veteran appreciated help provided from The Give Back to Veterans Project. $800 was sent to him for medical needs in two payments. 

 I raised some money by selling my paintings, too. I want to thank everyone who helped to make another successful mission possible. It was the second time a veteran who lived in another state was helped online, during the pandemic! My birthday is next week. I appreciate your messages and support.

 Giving up birthday toys to accomplish this goal was extra special, becauseit reminded me what was most important. Additionally, the gifts of medication refills and the wheelchair/walker turned out to be a birthday gift for Mr. Gil. He said his years serving in the military were some of the proudest in his life. Remembering our veterans can be accomplished in many ways. 

 Mr. Gil's response, after he opening his gift at home, reminded me how important helping others in any way can be. 

 "Happy early birthday and thank you so much. You've made my life so much easier and less painful," Mr. Gil said. "So much easier to walk and the big wheels mean I can walk outside."