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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Over 1,500 given to kids in Md. and the District of Columbia!

Last week I finished my book giveaway for youth who needed and wanted more books of their own, in and near Prince George's County, Maryland. Discover Books gave me 1,000 books for my #1000bookgiveaway. When my mom explained to me that a company would help me to share my love of books, I jumped up and down with excitement. I couldn't afford to do something huge like this for other kids on my own, so this partnership truly made my dream come true.

Over the last few months, I learned that a 4-year-old can make positive changes, with the help of caring adults who believe in them. If kids have ideas, adults who listen may be surprised by what they can do together. My mom explained to me that if I wanted to be CEO of our company, I had to think about things I wanted to do to give back to others from time to time. She believes that companies should be involved in the community, too. Although she didn't expect my project to be this big, she hung in there with me from start to finish. Discover Book also provided outstanding support and encouragement as we loaded up our car for each reading adventure. When I buy more books in the future, I will order from this great company. It is nice to know that they want to let the stories live on, by recycling and donating books.
I visited Discover Books with my mom many times to select and sort books for my community project.

Where did I go during my big book giveaway? Many places. On March 2, I began my project at my Pre-K program in Prince George's County, Md., continued my kick off on Dr. Seuss' birthday at an enrichment center in Hyattsville called Mighty Minds, visited kids in an after school program in the District of Columbia, provided books to start a book club for girls in Prince George's County, then made two visits to Annapolis, Md. and gave away books at the Prince George's Book Festival. Ms. Tressa  AzarelSmallwood of Life Changing Books, and a Facebook friend named Donna Hill, also stepped up to add to the giving spree. After this additional assistance was provided, I exceeded my goal and donated at least 1,500 books to other children. Volunteers also read to kids during story time each place where I hosted an event. Some kids also read to everyone who attended them.
This is my first time being interviewed by a television news reporter.

The last two events that were held at Bay Ridge Gardens and Annapolis Gardens were extremely successful. Kid Time Enterprises, LLC donated snacks and drinks to add to the fun. I also would to thank Wegmans for the generous kick off donation of food at my school. Another thank you goes out to Ericka Wilkins, a business owner who supports me, for lending a hand in Annapolis.

Before I go, I want to let you know that my mom handles my social media presence and updates my website. She is helping to chronicle my journey to encourage others to get involved in their communities. Thank you for taking interest in my company.

honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC

I feel really good and happy that other children have books.