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Monday, December 24, 2018

GoFundMe selects me as a Kid Hero, Christmas giving tour for veterans continues

Hello Superhero Friends,

Can you believe that Christmas is almost here? I have been busy raising money for my Christmas tour. I visited three shelters where homeless veterans are getting back on their feet. Requested items were provides, when I visited. I will post more details when the tour is over.

It hasn't ended yet! I am also checking on a few veterans who live on the street. My mom has to keep checking, until we see them again. I also selected a few elderly veterans who could use gifts, and I am dropping off surprises to caregivers.

GoFundMe selected me as a Kid Hero. More exposure really helped me to provide more gifts. I am not finished buying items for 90 veterans. I will return with the rest of the Hero Bags, after Christmas. If you want to read the article, please visit
https://medium.com/gofundme-stories/meet-tyler-38d2004048f4 .

 I will have more updates soon. It's almost time to get back to Christmas Eve shopping for veterans. Merry Christmas!

As a part of a local Christmas tour, Tyler Stallings visits Baltimore Station to drop off Christmas Hero Bags and Hero Boxes to homeless veterans.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

This shelter list for Christmas has been updated.

Several shelters where veterans are located provided wish list items, so I am still raising more money. If you want to sponsor any item, you may donate via 
 or mail new items to my P.O. Box. Even $5 helps to pack a Hero Bag, purchase a winter hat,  pair of socks, or buy a gift car for a meal. Any amount helps! If you want to collect items at your school or office in the Baltimore area, please let me know.

Some people asked my mom what I am collecting. Homeless veterans need and want these items:

90 sturdy backpacks (Hero Bags)
Toiletries (shaving cream, body wash, razors, soap, lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.)
Long socks
Long sleeve shirts
Long johns
New clothes
Hand lotion 
Professional work pants
Dress shirts L- 2x
Coloring pencils
Coloring books
Word search books
Cross words puzzles 
Please mail new items to:

Kid Time Enterprises, LLC
6 Walechi Ave.
P.O. Box  24037
Halethorpe, MD  21227

P.S. Thank you to everyone who supports the Give Back to Veterans project. 
Tyler Stallings

Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC

Little Big Shots Season 3 philanthropist serving America's Veterans

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Read About My Seats to Service Visit With the Baltimore Ravens!

Dear Friends:

I was selected to participate in the Ravens' Seats For Service program. I enjoyed a sideline visit and watched the game with friends and family, because of support I provide to veterans in need. 

Please read the Ravens' article by visiting

Thank you,

Tyler Stallings
 Honorary CEO of Kid Enterprises, LLC

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Leesa mattress teams up with me to donate 250 mattresses to homeless veterans in Baltimore.

Dear Friends,

I am honored to be a 2018 changemaker who partnered with Leesa to help homeless veterans in Baltimore! Leesa is a mattress company I joined forces with to provide better sleeping options to veterans who reside at the Maryland Center for Veteran Education and Training (MCVET).

With Leesa' s help,  250 new mattresses were awarded to MCVET, because they are a nonprofit that I support! Half of the mattresses have been delivered. The remaining 125 will be delivered, before the end of the year.

 I would also like to thank Leesa for providing more than 30,000 mattresses to 1,000 nonprofits so far, since the company was founded in 2015. On World Homeless Day, Leesa increased their impact from giving one mattress for every  ten sold to nonprofits, to giving 10 mattresses for every ten sold.

Please watch the news link about our World Homeless Day activity.



Tyler Stallings
Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Law firm donates $500 to the Give Back to Veterans project!

Thank you to Ms. Lambert, Ms. Gardner, Fox 45 and the law firm of Cohen, Snyder, Eisenburg & Katenberg) your encouragement and financial support. I needed help supporting more veterans by purchasing hero bags and supplies on my shopping list. The $500 donation will be used this week! If you missed the news story, visit
https://foxbaltimore.com/station/pay-it-forward/7-year-old-boy-started-give-back-veterans-project .

Tyler Stallings
Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Happy Holiday RV Village presents donation to help veterans in Maryland.

I would like to thank Happy Holiday RV Village (http://www.happyholidayrv.com)
for booking me to participate in a great veterans festival. The event was located in Cherokee, North Carolina! I appreciate the support of Mr. Frank, Ms. Penny, Mr. Tim and the entire staff who made my trip unforgettable.

A $2,000 donation which was presented to me will be used to support MCVET and Baltimore Station's veterans who need hero bags, supplies, and a variety of items.  More information about this will be coming in the future.

I also had an opportunity to sell books and t-shirts, while meeting kids and adults. I visited
the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, too. A  Native American prayed for me, then shared a special gift.This was my first out of state booking. I am glad that it turned out so well.

Tyler Stallings
Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC
Co-founder of the Give Back to Veterans project

The Give Back to Veterans project gets recognition and help from the VFW.

On September 6-9, the 2018- 2019 VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Auxiliary National President's Homecoming Celebration, and event celebrating America'a Freedom, was held in Hanover, Maryland. The National President-- Mrs. Sandi Kriebel-- helped to spread the word about the Give Back to Veterans project to


VFW auxiliaries around the United States! On September 7, cards, gift cards,  food cards, and cash gifts were given to me to help veterans in need. Additionally, a $1,000 donation was provided to support my project, after I spoke to attendees!

I am extremely grateful for the VFW's support and encouragement on a local and national level. Many veterans will receive Hero Bags, because of the VFW's generosity. I also selected three veterans on my list who have special needs. I want to thank everyone who believes in my dream to help America's heroes. More news will be coming in the future about how these gifts impacted veterans. I want to thank Ms. Kriebel and everyone who made this great opportunity possible! I will never forget it.

Tyler Stallings
 Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC

Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Gap recognized me with a special gift.

Hello, Superhero Friends:

The Gap recognized me for making a difference in the community! My customized jacket says 'Honorary CEO.' The back has my name embroidered on it. Take a look.

Encouraging words mean so much to me. I truly appreciate The Gap's recognition.

Tyler Stallings
Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC
Co-founder of the Give Back to Veterans project
Founder of  Tyler's #1000bookgiveaway

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Listen to my interview on American Snippets about my veteran project.

I would like to thank American Snippets for interviewing me! Please listen to the interview https://www.americansnippets.com/tyler-stallings-little-big-shot-helping-our-veterans/ .

 I  am grateful for the opportunity to share more details about my veteran project. My mom was interviewed, too.

Tyler Stallings
Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

I was recognized by HUD in Baltimore.

I was honored to attend a HUD meeting in Baltimore, where I had an opportunity to explain what I do to help homeless veterans. I met so many great people, including men and women who served our country.

I was also officially  recognized for my work, after speaking yesterday. A Certificate of Appreciation signed by HUD Maryland's Carol Field Office Director, Ms. Carol B. Payne, and  Mr. Joseph J. DeFelice, Administrator of HUD's Mid-Atlantic region, was presented to me. My mom was recognized for supporting what I do.

I appreciate opportunities to raise awareness about homeless veterans and share how I want to expand my project. More photos will be coming at a later time!

Tyler Stallings
Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC

Monday, July 9, 2018

I taped a segment for another kids show!

June 27, 2018, was an exciting day for me! More information will be posted at a later time about  when my segment on a show called Wonderama (https://www.facebook.com/wonderamatv/)
will air.  Hosted by David Osmond, a member of the Osmond family, the show
combines games, celebrities, music, prizes and an interactive studio audience.

I had a great time being interviewed by Ms. Callie Falk and meeting the Wonderama TV crew! They came from New York City to learn more about my veteran project, and what I do to help men and women who served our country. I appreciate such a wonderful opportunity to help raise awareness for our homeless veterans. Special thanks to Ms. Angela Byrd for coordinating the visit to MCVET and Backpacks For Life for providing backpacks. Thank you for stopping by my website!


Tyler Stallings Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC

A recap of my trip to speak at the Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) in Baltimore.

I want to thank Judge Halee Weinstein for inviting me to speak to veterans before the court docket began today at Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) in Baltimore. She is a veteran herself, and she showed my Little Big Shots clip, then allowed me to give an inspirational message to VTC participants who are getting back on their feet.  I explained why I started helping veterans, too.

I  learned so much about Judge Weinstein's job, common struggles veterans on her docket face, and how an interdisciplinary team of a judge, attorneys, veteran service providers and mentors all work together to help  VTC participants get back on their feet. Before I left, a service coin was presented to me.

Every day holds a different adventure. I was happy to be a speaker and share encouraging words today!

Tyler Stallings
Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC

Friday, June 15, 2018

Would you like to volunteer? Youth are encouraged to give back to veterans!

Hello, Superhero Friends:

School has probably ended wherever you live. If you know a young person who would like to get involved in community service, I am looking for more youth to join my cause. I will be hosting backpack packing party in a few weeks. I am happy that my first two youth volunteers will join me in Baltimore. If you want to thank veterans along with us, I am going to share ways you can get involved. Parents can get their children involved to help our heroes!

1.Share http://www.kidtimeenterprises.com/p/donate.html?m=0 and the GoFundMe link
https://www.gofundme.com/uxs2hbcs. Ask people you know to donate at least  $5 or donate a new item listed on the page where the first link is available. If you want to become a Give Back to Veterans ambassador, please let me know. You may help whenever you would like to raise awareness about the project.

2. Collect items for veterans. We always need a supply of gently used or new coats, scarves, gloves, t-shirts and shoes. Mail them, or arrange for them to be picked up, in the Baltimore area. They cannot be stained or have holes in them. New items are appreciated, too. I have a P.O. Box where items may be mailed.

3. Host a hygiene kit donation drive in your school, office, or neighborhood. Hygiene items are listed on the donation page. They are always needed to pack Hero Bags or deliver to MCVET in Baltimore.

4. Help spread the word. If you use social media, or you are willing to email information to a list of contacts, spreading the word about calls to action is always appreciated. You may also like my page on Facebook via https://www.facebook.com/kidtimeenterprises/. Follow me on Instagram or Twitter. Please stay connected. Spreading awareness, and showing that you support veterans, helps to get more accomplished.

5. Buy any product on my website. I raise money as I sell my book or items.

6. Help connect me with stores or organizations. Do you have a contact who may sponsor items to stuff a Hero Bag or know someone who has items to donate? Please introduce them to my cause.

7. Find a local shelter or organization which helps veterans. Ask if they have a wish list. Donate whatever you can to them. If you decide not to join my cause, please consider supporting another project or organization. If you believe in the mission, get involved!

8. If you lead a youth organization, please consider creating a team building activity to learn more about veterans and why organizations like MCVET  www.mcvet.org exists.

9. Also remember to support our troops who are serving our country by writing letters, sending care packages, or simply welcoming military families to your neighborhood or school by being kind to them. Many families move around the country. Teach youth to be friendly and help them to readjust to a new environment.

10. Spread kindness as often as you can. Talk to your children about being good citizens. Show them the way.

Thank you for your interest.

Tyler Stallings
 Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC
Co-creator of Give Back to Veterans

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Will you run or walk in MCVET's 5K or 10K on 6/10? Let' s help veterans in need!

Hello, Superhero Friends:

You may register for MCVET's 23rd Annual 5K/10K race on-site tomorrow. The fundraiser will be held rain or shine in Baltimore, Maryland.  Visit www.mcvet.org for details.

Thank you for supporting veterans in need!


Tyler Stallings
Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC

Thursday, May 31, 2018

MCVET's Homeless Veteran Stand Down is June 2-3, 2018.

Hello, Superhero Friends:

Did you know that you can connect homeless veterans to resources in Baltimore on June 2-3? All you have to do is share this information with others who may encounter them. I am proud to be an ambassador for this event. Your help to reach more veterans in need is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Tyler Stallings
Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC

Friday, May 25, 2018

Please consider thanking a veteran by taking action.

Hello, Superhero Friends:

I hope that you are doing well. I have been busy working on several missions, but I wanted to ask if anyone would donate at least  $5 to a Twitter pal who is a disabled veteran. If just 20 people would donate to help him with a housing situation, I could match my $100 donation!  Please read his story if you are interested. Take a look via https://www.gofundme.com/3ufvxr-rising-up.

I will be back with more news soon. Please continue to thank veterans for their service. I appreciate everyone who joins me to give back to veterans. Have a great day!


Tyler Stallings
Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC
Co-founder of the Give Back to Veterans project

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

An update about Congressional Recognition

Dear Superhero Friends,

I would like to thank Congressman AndrĂ© Carson for sending Congressional Recognition to me because of my work in Baltimore and other parts of Maryland! I also want to thank Ms. Heather Harvey for connecting me with more resources to move forward with the Give Back to Veterans project as steps will be taken to finish nonprofit status. Ms. Harvey is a caseworker who works in Congressman Carson's office. Thank you, Indiana. I truly appreciate kindness, help, and encouragement. I sincerely care about the community.  Thank you for stopping by.


Tyler Stallings 
Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises,LLC
Co-creator of the Give Back to Veterans project 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

I was a speaker in New Jersey during Backpack For Life's 3rd Annual Golf Outing.

On  April 30, 2018, I headed to New Jersey with my mother to speak at Backpack For Life's 3rd Annual Golf Outing, which was held in Wayne, New Jersey at North Jersey Country Club. This was my first long road trip. It was a very exciting experience!

 I was very happy to have an opportunity to meet the founders of a  501(c)3 nonprofit which serves the homeless and at risk veteran community one backpack at a time.
Mr. Brett D'Alessandro and Ms. Alexa Modero began helping veterans to give veterans resources and hope for the future, after Mr. D'Alessandro served a 6-year term with the United States Marine Corps.

Alexa Modero, me, and Brett D'Alessandro

Similar to my Hero Bag Program, backpacks are filled with essentials, such as toiletries, clothing and resources for where to find helpful organizations. I was happy to learn about how Mr. D'Alessandro and Ms. Modero are putting veterans in contact with reputable organizations and helpful people who can assist veterans who are trying to get back on their feet.

 Additionally, Ms. Modero recently began working for the nonprofit full-time! It was great to meet so many people who are investing in veterans in New Jersey and other areas.

While attending the event, the founders of Backpack For Life committed to providing 300 backpacks to help veterans in the Baltimore area! This will enable me to share backpacks with MCVET, and save some for veterans in need that I meet on the street, or who need a backpack full of items delivered to them.

My mother and I want to thank both founders of Backpacks For Life for reaching out to me, after seeing my Little Big Shots appearance. We both witnessed their commitment to helping veterans in need. I  am very grateful for Backpack For Life's partnership and willingness to work together in the future. Working as a team to accomplish a common goal  helps everyone making a bigger impact.

You may watch a clip of my recent speech via https://vimeo.com/267596691?ref=em-share. Please visit https://youtu.be/kUMczlMKg2g to
hear Mr. D'Alessandro explain why he founded Backpacks For Life. The organization's website is http://backpacksforlife.org. If you are located in or near New Jersey, please help spread the word about this great organization. Thank you for your interest in this journey to our help veterans.


Tyler Stallings
Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC

Thursday, April 19, 2018

An article was written about me by Hope Wilkos.

Hello Superhero Friends,

I am happy to hear from people who are spreading the word about how I help veterans in need. Raising awareness is an important step in helping more veterans and their families who face hardships.

Please visit http://www.purefamemedia.com/one-child-opening-his-heart-to-vets/ to read Hope Wilkos's article about me. I truly appreciate it!

Tyler Stallings
 Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC

Sunday, April 15, 2018

I was featured in The Baltimore Times newspaper!

Hello Superhero Friends,

I would like to thank The Baltimore Times for publishing a great article about me. It was written by Mr. Stacy Brown. I am very grateful to share updates about the Give Back to Veterans project after Little Big Shots aired! I send special thanks to Ms. Angela Byrd for facilitating the interview. Read the story via http://m.baltimoretimes-online.com/news/2018/apr/13/baltimores-little-big-shot-continues-help-veterans/?.

Thank you,

Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC

I was interviewed for Now This by Mercedes Barba!

Hello Superhero Friends,

Please watch this video if you'd like to learn more about my business. You may watch it via

Thank you for stopping by my website.



Sunday, April 8, 2018

How is the veteran fundraiser going? Take a look at the impact you are making.

Hello, Superhero Friends:

Your generosity is making a difference in the lives of veterans of all ages who need support.  Thank you for responding to my call to action! I purchased these items for MCVET with GoFundMe funds. Clothing and supplies are greatly needed to help homeless veterans prepare for the spring.

These items were packed and taken to MCVET, located in Baltimore, Maryland.

 I also donated food cards and clothing to veterans on the street I know who have emergencies. One was very grateful to get new pants, because the ones that he was wearing ripped. My mom took me to get new socks, pants he requested, and something to eat for him. He told us that rats would eat his food supply, so we provided gift cards to help with meals. He can now buy small portions, one serving at a time. I wish that I could do more to help him, but this is a start. The Give Back to Veterans Project also thanks disabled and elderly veterans. So many of them rarely hear thank you. I want to reach them, too.

 I am sharing this update to explain how grateful I am to you. Your support helps veterans in all kinds of situations like these.  I truly appreciate Mr. Steve Harvey's support. Appearing on Little Big Shots helped me to raise awareness about this important issue. I started doing this when my mom's help, at the age of four.

I continue to donate money from things I sell here, too. Thank you so much to everyone who decided to do something to help our heroes. This is a growing movement. Let's keep it going. Please continue to share what I do.


Tyler Stallings
 Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC

Would you like to share my fundraiser link with a friend?https://www.gofundme.com/uxs2hbcs