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Friday, May 25, 2018

Please consider thanking a veteran by taking action.

Hello, Superhero Friends:

I hope that you are doing well. I have been busy working on several missions, but I wanted to ask if anyone would donate at least  $5 to a Twitter pal who is a disabled veteran. If just 20 people would donate to help him with a housing situation, I could match my $100 donation!  Please read his story if you are interested. Take a look via https://www.gofundme.com/3ufvxr-rising-up.

I will be back with more news soon. Please continue to thank veterans for their service. I appreciate everyone who joins me to give back to veterans. Have a great day!


Tyler Stallings
Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC
Co-founder of the Give Back to Veterans project

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

An update about Congressional Recognition

Dear Superhero Friends,

I would like to thank Congressman AndrĂ© Carson for sending Congressional Recognition to me because of my work in Baltimore and other parts of Maryland! I also want to thank Ms. Heather Harvey for connecting me with more resources to move forward with the Give Back to Veterans project as steps will be taken to finish nonprofit status. Ms. Harvey is a caseworker who works in Congressman Carson's office. Thank you, Indiana. I truly appreciate kindness, help, and encouragement. I sincerely care about the community.  Thank you for stopping by.


Tyler Stallings 
Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises,LLC
Co-creator of the Give Back to Veterans project 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

I was a speaker in New Jersey during Backpack For Life's 3rd Annual Golf Outing.

On  April 30, 2018, I headed to New Jersey with my mother to speak at Backpack For Life's 3rd Annual Golf Outing, which was held in Wayne, New Jersey at North Jersey Country Club. This was my first long road trip. It was a very exciting experience!

 I was very happy to have an opportunity to meet the founders of a  501(c)3 nonprofit which serves the homeless and at risk veteran community one backpack at a time.
Mr. Brett D'Alessandro and Ms. Alexa Modero began helping veterans to give veterans resources and hope for the future, after Mr. D'Alessandro served a 6-year term with the United States Marine Corps.

Alexa Modero, me, and Brett D'Alessandro

Similar to my Hero Bag Program, backpacks are filled with essentials, such as toiletries, clothing and resources for where to find helpful organizations. I was happy to learn about how Mr. D'Alessandro and Ms. Modero are putting veterans in contact with reputable organizations and helpful people who can assist veterans who are trying to get back on their feet.

 Additionally, Ms. Modero recently began working for the nonprofit full-time! It was great to meet so many people who are investing in veterans in New Jersey and other areas.

While attending the event, the founders of Backpack For Life committed to providing 300 backpacks to help veterans in the Baltimore area! This will enable me to share backpacks with MCVET, and save some for veterans in need that I meet on the street, or who need a backpack full of items delivered to them.

My mother and I want to thank both founders of Backpacks For Life for reaching out to me, after seeing my Little Big Shots appearance. We both witnessed their commitment to helping veterans in need. I  am very grateful for Backpack For Life's partnership and willingness to work together in the future. Working as a team to accomplish a common goal  helps everyone making a bigger impact.

You may watch a clip of my recent speech via https://vimeo.com/267596691?ref=em-share. Please visit https://youtu.be/kUMczlMKg2g to
hear Mr. D'Alessandro explain why he founded Backpacks For Life. The organization's website is http://backpacksforlife.org. If you are located in or near New Jersey, please help spread the word about this great organization. Thank you for your interest in this journey to our help veterans.


Tyler Stallings
Honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC