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Friday, August 7, 2020

Veteran gets walker/wheelchair and medication as my birthday wish!

 Hello! The goal to help Mr. Jacob Gil was met. Before he received his wheelchair/ walker, his cane he tried to repair was what he used for mobility. This deserving veteran appreciated help provided from The Give Back to Veterans Project. $800 was sent to him for medical needs in two payments. 

 I raised some money by selling my paintings, too. I want to thank everyone who helped to make another successful mission possible. It was the second time a veteran who lived in another state was helped online, during the pandemic! My birthday is next week. I appreciate your messages and support.

 Giving up birthday toys to accomplish this goal was extra special, becauseit reminded me what was most important. Additionally, the gifts of medication refills and the wheelchair/walker turned out to be a birthday gift for Mr. Gil. He said his years serving in the military were some of the proudest in his life. Remembering our veterans can be accomplished in many ways. 

 Mr. Gil's response, after he opening his gift at home, reminded me how important helping others in any way can be. 

 "Happy early birthday and thank you so much. You've made my life so much easier and less painful," Mr. Gil said. "So much easier to walk and the big wheels mean I can walk outside." 

Monday, July 27, 2020

I'm giving up toys for my birthday to help a veteran.

Why am I giving up toys for my birthday?

 Hello, everyone. I love new toys, but some things are more important. A veteran I know said I could share my superhero mission, so I will tell you my goal this week. Mr. Gil is an Army veteran I've been helping. He lives in another state, but he needs assistance, due to health conditions. Today, I sent $200 for medication he needed very much. Mom helped me with the transaction, but he needs more funds though, in addition to purchasing a wheelchair and walker. I need to raise $423 more to complete this superhero mission. I am providing $100 from painting sales. Mom is pitching in $50.

We have CashApp, so anything additional will help, if you can even pitch in a few dollars. I appreciate everyone who helped with air conditioners or previous missions. I hope new people may decide to donate. I truly appreciate everything people do to respond. My ninth birthday is coming up very soon. A big wish I have is to help Mr. Gil. If you're interested in doing whatever you can, there are a few ways you can help me to celebrate my birthday in mid-August. 1. Donate $9 to my fundraiser. 2. Tell nine friends about my superhero mission this week. 3. Share this post at least 9 times before next Monday. 4. Pray for this mission's success. 5. Share this post over the next nine days. 6. When my mom posts the next set of paintings, please share the post. 7. Use my CashApp or GoFundMe link to donate in honor of my birthday. 8. If you know me, please donate to my fundraiser, instead of sending a toy. I appreciate your support!
https://www.gofundme.com/f/TylerVeterans Our CashApp information is in the photo section. Thank you.




Friday, June 26, 2020

A company awarded 1,000 masks for me to help veterans!

I want to thank Asfaleia https://asfaleiadesigns.com/ . The company donated 1,000 disposable masks to help veterans! MCVET, Patriot House, and The Amred Forces Retirement Home received mask deliveries

Way to go, Asfaleia.


$2,500 was awarded to my project to help homeless veterans

Hello, Superhero Friends:

I  want to thank NFM Lending (https://nfmlending.com/) for providing $2,500 to the Give Back to Veterans project. More information will be coming later. However, I was able to buy requested items, in response to the pandemic, for MCVET (https://www.mcvet.org) and Baltimore Station's homeless veterans (https://baltimorestation.org). Yesterday, items were provided for MCVET's veterans. I appreciate everyone who supports giving back. It can't be done alone. MCVET's motto is, "It takes an entire community to help a veteran heal!" Please continue to help veterans in need. Spread the word.

Thank you,


Thursday, May 7, 2020

How is the Give Back to Veterans Project providing help during the pandemic?

Hello, Superhero friends:

My mom and I have been so busy trying to pull together resources to help more veterans, during this challenging time. So many caregivers, family members of veterans and nonprofits we volunteer with need assistance.

 My goal is to raise money to buy high priority items to fight COVID-19. Elderly veterans who live at home and in retirement homes could use a hand, in addition to homeless veterans who are in programs at partnering nonprofits. It is a tough time in the world, but it is not the time to give up on each other.

 If you go to
http://www.kidtimeenterprises.com/p/donate.html?m=0 , information will explain how you may donate or send items to help our veterans.  If you cannot donate, spreading the word helps, too. If you have a store contact, donations from them are also desired. Most of the help comes from people like you. No donation is too small! Just $5 buys a face mask, five toiletries, or gets us closer to purchasing items in bulk.

Thank you,


P.S. Shirts and hats are sold out at this time, but soft back books of "Tyler Goes Around the World" are in stock. We are currently focusing on the pandemic, so thank you for your interest and patience.

Voice of America gave an inside view of what I do.

Hello, Superhero friends:

You can watch the individual piece titled "Kid Super Hero" via:

On YouTube:


VOA Connect Episode 120. 
Tyler's segment titled A Good Start starts at 22:28 into the program:

Thank you to Channel 7 for giving an update on my pandemic outreach efforts for elderlyveterans.

I'mm be heading to The Armed Forces Retirement Home located in Washington, DC. The link below gives a preview of what I want to do for Armed Forces Week.