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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My meeting with the former Secretary of Veterans Affairs

On January 12, 2017, I met with Robert McDonald at the VA in Washington, D.C. before his time ended there. He is now the former Secretary of Veterans Affairs. I had an opportunity to discuss my veteran project and plans to establish a nonprofit to help veterans in the community. A group of employees welcomed me and cheered me on as I walked upstairs to his office. They found out about Give Back to Veterans Day, and encouraged me to continue my advocacy work, and my special mission to support elderly and homeless veterans.
During the meeting, I also signed "Tyler Goes Around the World" to give to Mr. McDonald. I received a special coin for my service to veterans. 

If everyone works together, we can make a difference to help veterans and their families. Let's raise our voices to show veterans that we care. I want to raise awareness and remind everyone that many veterans still need support. With your help, perhaps we can make an impact and gain more attention from officials.I will post more photos from my trip soon.


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