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Monday, July 27, 2020

I'm giving up toys for my birthday to help a veteran.

Why am I giving up toys for my birthday?

 Hello, everyone. I love new toys, but some things are more important. A veteran I know said I could share my superhero mission, so I will tell you my goal this week. Mr. Gil is an Army veteran I've been helping. He lives in another state, but he needs assistance, due to health conditions. Today, I sent $200 for medication he needed very much. Mom helped me with the transaction, but he needs more funds though, in addition to purchasing a wheelchair and walker. I need to raise $423 more to complete this superhero mission. I am providing $100 from painting sales. Mom is pitching in $50.

We have CashApp, so anything additional will help, if you can even pitch in a few dollars. I appreciate everyone who helped with air conditioners or previous missions. I hope new people may decide to donate. I truly appreciate everything people do to respond. My ninth birthday is coming up very soon. A big wish I have is to help Mr. Gil. If you're interested in doing whatever you can, there are a few ways you can help me to celebrate my birthday in mid-August. 1. Donate $9 to my fundraiser. 2. Tell nine friends about my superhero mission this week. 3. Share this post at least 9 times before next Monday. 4. Pray for this mission's success. 5. Share this post over the next nine days. 6. When my mom posts the next set of paintings, please share the post. 7. Use my CashApp or GoFundMe link to donate in honor of my birthday. 8. If you know me, please donate to my fundraiser, instead of sending a toy. I appreciate your support!
https://www.gofundme.com/f/TylerVeterans Our CashApp information is in the photo section. Thank you.




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